Latest Trends in Home Furnishings

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The furniture manufacturers and stores recently converged on the center of the US furniture industry: High Point, North Carolina. Here is a sneak peak of the latest styles and trends heading for the home:

Bright & Bold – From turquoise and peacock to cobalt and ocean, blues were very popular in many showrooms. Blue is the complimentary color to orange, and the color of the year, Tangerine Tango, seemed even more vibrant when used in combination with the blues. But the bright colors didn’t stop there – yellow, spring green, and malachite were also in abundance. These bright colors always appeared more vibrant when contrasted with white. These bright colors are slightly more understated and sophisticated when paired with grey, which is replacing beige as the neutral color of choice.zigzag

Stripes & Graphics – Zigzags, chevrons, stripes and Greek key motifs commanded attention at Market. More complex graphics were also seen with trellis designs and Moorish motifs incorporated in area rugs, pillows, upholstery fabrics and even wood inlays on cabinets.

Mad for Danish Modern – Mad Men’s total commitment to recreating the look of the early 1960’s has inspired a minor revival of Danish Modern design. Sleek, pared-down silhouettes entered a few showrooms at the Furniture Market, emulating the retro cool of the TV show.

Go for Baroque – In contrast to the minimalist aesthetic of Danish Modern, some showrooms went the opposite direction; instead of sleek straight lines, curves and ornaments were in abundance. The extravagant style was given a modern twist when painted white or a bright color like shocking pink. Sunburst mirrors with gold patinas or mirrors with opulent, curvaceous shapes are the perfect example of this extravagant style.Magnussen Lakehurst

Rustic Industrial Chic – This look, which first emerged a couple of years ago, is still going strong. Inspired by steam punk literature and media, this look reimagines the world with technology that is earthy and gritty, but not without beauty. Matte bleached and gray-washed finishes are characteristic of wood furniture in this style, and wood is often combined with matte grey-toned metal supports and ornaments. Upholstery in this style frequently features linen and burlap textures in tones of ivory, beige and brown, with hints of navy, black and burgundy. Prints that incorporate script writing and appear to come from grain sacks or postcards are frequently combined with ticking stripes in this style. This aesthetic is responsible for reintroducing the chesterfield sofa and its tufted back has migrated to upholstery in other styles.

This spring’s Furniture Market had something for everyone to love!

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