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About Scholet Furniture


Schoharie County's original and oldest home furnishings retailer had its beginning at 12 Division Street doing business under the name of A.B. Borst in 1882.


A.J. Brown acquired the company in the early 1920's and it became Myer's Furniture Store in 1931. The company was purchased by Leo J. Scholet in 1934 and has been known as Scholet Furniture since that time.


The business in Cobleskill, New York was incorporated under the name of Richard L. Scholet, Inc. in 1967. On September 27, 1974, our 40th year as Scholet Furniture, the building and contents burned at a total loss. A temporary office was set up and maintained for seven weeks on the front porch of the Scholet family home in Lawyersville, New York. From there Scholet Furniture moved to the former Selkirk Hardware Building on Union Street in Cobleskill, New York.

In February 1976, the Hotel Augustan in Cobleskill was purchased. Scholet Furniture was responsible for saving this historic landmark and over the next two years converted the building into what is today our flagship location. The grand opening of the Cobleskill store was held on October 1, 1978.


In February 1984, a new store, Slumber Island Sleep Shop, was opened in Oneonta, New York. Slumber Island was originally opened as a bedding and waterbed store. The store changed locations to 254 Main Street, and became Scholet Furniture's second full-line home furnishings store.


The Oneonta location moved in January 1996 to the Oneonta Plaza on Route 7 in Oneonta's East End. The new location provides twice the floor space all on one level with convenient parking.


Today, Scholet Furniture enjoys the reputation of being the number one home furnishings retailer in each market it serves. We serve our current markets through a new state of the art distribution center. We continue to grow with a total of four retail locations in Cobleskill, Norwich and Oneonta, New York. Use our Store Locator to find a Scholet Furniture store near you.